My Mission

Find Wellness With Jackie Sharpe

 I am a Mystic Intuitive, Spiritual Life Coach, Artist, Writer and Podcast Host Jackie Sharpe.  My work takes special notice of hidden / rejected emotions (shadows) that often end up holding us back from accessing our desires. 

I can help you connect with your soul through readings offering clarity and validation of what you are going through, as well as any connected messages from spirit. 

I aim to help you raise the collectives awareness of self ( the whole self, shadow and the light) so that we can align with our soul's journey.  I do this through being a beacon of light in the darkness. helping others raise their vibrations through radical self acceptance, self love and of course shadow work.

You are absolutely worthy of everything you desire in life. 


Own your power.

Let's Work!



All readings are for entertainment purposes only.  Readings do not substitute medical/legal/business advice.  The client acknowledges that the reader Jackie Sharpe is not liable for any actions taken after having received any reading from Mrs Sharpe. Client acknowledges that the guidance provided does not substitute medical advice and acknowledges that if they are in emotional/medical distress they will seek council from a medical professional.