My Mission

Empowered Truth: Spiritual Warrior Rising

 I am Writer, Intuitive Artist, Mystic Oracle, Spiritual Life Coach and Podcast Host Jackie Sharpe.  My work takes special notice of hidden / rejected emotions (shadows) that often hold us back from accessing what it is that we desire. 

I aim to assist in raising the collectives awareness of self so that we can move in alignment with our soul's journey.  I do this through being a beacon of light in the darkness, helping others raise their vibrations through radical self acceptance, self love and of course shadow work. We do our best work when we are submerged in the whole truth of who we are.

Shadow work is hard, you don't have to do it alone.



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We are a group of enlightened souls seeking to collaborate together and grow in wholeness with ourselves and those around us.

It is my belief we learn a lot about ourselves and our lives through shared experience.

In this group we will offer collaborations, inspired content, and guidance on a journey that is one of inspiration and empowered truth.

Lean into who you are, who you desire to be and allow yourself the freedom to experience the life that you desire.

We are here for each other!

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