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Hello I am Medium, Shadow Work Coach and Artist Jackie Sharpe.  My work takes special notice of shadows.  I am able to pull shadows and offer guidance moving forward.  

Shadows are hidden emotions within that hold us back from living as our authentic self.  They often stunt our spiritual growth and keep us in a low vibration frequency. 

I aim to help you see these shadows and help guide you towards accepting these things that are uncomfortable about yourself through an abundance of self love and understanding. 

See you, heal you and love you.  

Be imperfectly perfectly you.


Magnet Aura Art Canvas

Your Brightest Energy

This  commissioned piece is strictly about your energy.  The biggest and brightest colours you present to the world.  If you are not ready to see your shadows this is a great start to truly see yourself and your beauty.

Pricing $33 CAD


Jackie Sharpe

Let's give our shadows a name so we can heal



Ontario, Canada

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