Jackie Sharpe

Medium, Abstract Intuitive Artist, Spiritual Life Coach, Writer, Podcast Host and So Much More


I am the woman of many hats but the one I wear the most is me.  I am a Spiritual Life Coach and energetic intuitive healer. I aim to help empower the collective through self love and shadow work. 

From a young age I knew I was different.  I never quite fit in with others, I knew I had a deep connection to my intuition but I did not believe in the idea of being psychic nor did I believe that I would have that ability.  

In my early thirties I experienced my spiritual awakening.  I really fell into my spirituality with grace and love for this part of me I had rejected for a very long time.  With this new found awareness of my abilities I started exploring those hidden / rejected parts of myself and allowing myself to heal.  As I started my own process of deep healing through shadow work I started really aligning with this being my true calling in life.  My connected messages from source, past loved ones, spirit guides and angels typically surround these shadows and how they are holding others back from developing their intuition further and connecting with their highest self.  

I am a CCF Certified Life Coach and I mix my Coach Practitioner knowledge with my intuition to shed light on how you are feeling and help give you the tools you need to find you from a perspective of self love and shadow work. 

Shadow Work is hard, you don't have to do it alone. 


The Light & Shadow Collective

This group is for readings, teachings and healings.  Join this group for LIVE readings by approved readers, one complimentary reading a month, a complimentary reading on your birthday and participate in readers offerings free and paid.  

With over 20 Readers and Mentors we have something for everyone.  

Please join us as we expand our energy towards collective healing and intuitive growth.