Jackie Sharpe

Medium, Energetic Artist & Shadow Work Coach


Jackie is a Medium, Energetic Artist, Shadow Work Coach, Podcast Co-Host, Oracle Deck Creator, and Writer.

Jackie has come into her own spiritually and is shifting her motivation towards helping others reach enlightenment through shadow work.  In the past Jackie has her own battles with shadows, often dancing with the demons of depression, anxiety, worth, and shame.  She quickly realised this wasn't the intended path for her and started shifting and working towards achieving her goals within her own shadow work.

Jackie is a certified life coach practitioner and medium.  She uses her intuition with her coaching skills to help you down your path towards enlightenment through shadow work.  

She is a firm believer in self love guiding the pathway along your journey through shadow work. 


Intuitive Collective

This group was designed as a safe place where we as intuitives, mediums, artists, creatives and anyone struggling with self care can practice and learn through collective experiences.

This is a safe space to give live practice readings, ask questions about spirituality and your path.  Here you can explore all aspects of your spirituality and delve into your intuitive gifts with a group of like minded individuals.