Shadow Work Coaching

What it means to me.


I aim to empower women to push through their limiting beliefs with an abundance of self love and encouragement.  You do not have to go this journey alone.

My shadow work coaching will help you see yourself, everything you keep hidden that is meant to protect you but is actually blocking you from accessing your goals and deepest desires.

Shadows are often meant to protect us, but when left unbalanced they become an entity all their own.  In this negative shadow state we begin to feel hopeless, worthless, like we have no direction.  That is a misguided belief.  I can help you shift this inner narrative to instead say I am worthy, I am beautiful and I am enough.

Dance with your demons, just don't let them in your house.


Dance with Your Demons

In this group you will find support from like minded individuals who are all coming together to raise their awareness of their shadows.  In this group you are free to vent and post any inspiration you have had or wins on your shadow work journey.  
Shadow work is hard work, you don't have to do it alone.


Dance With Your Demons Shadow Work Group Coaching Program

In this program we go through the process of rewriting our inner narratives through an abundance of self love and acceptance. 

I will help guide you along the path to raising your vibrations through shadow work.  You must pull out these shadows, examine them and then release them as they no longer serve you.  I can teach you how. 

What are you waiting for?

$333 CAD / 6 weeks 


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Dance with your Demons Shadow Work Coaching with Jackie Sharpe


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Private Coaching Sessions

$75 CAD / 1HR Session

All sessions are done via video chat.