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"My husband and I had aura readings with Jackie. They're 100% accurate. We're so impressed with Jackie's abilities and gifts. We highly recommend her. We're thinking of getting a family or couples canvass done. Give.Jackie a try! You'll love her work."


"Jackie is incredible!!!  She did a canvas piece for me and it is absolutely amazing!  It is just gorgeous, shadow scars and all!!!  

I loved the reading she provided as well, it really resonated deeply with me.  She explained to me all about my colours and what they meant, she told me the feelings and messages she received while working on my piece.  She was able to pick out past shadows I had, and helped me to understand how to keep balanced now that I've gotten this far.  

On top of all this, Jackie did a video chat with me!  It was wonderful!  She is caring, and a very open and inviting person to speak with.  It was so refreshing to talk to her and delve right into the soul and shadows!  She was extremely relatable, and it was so nice to share our stories and see how similar shadows can be among people.  It's so nice to feel comfortable embracing me as a whole person, both the light and the shadows!  
I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in how their auras present, and how to identify and work with their shadows!  Jackie is amazing!!!  💖🙌💖"



Magnet Aura Canvas


"I received a magnet piece that arrived today! The artwork is absolutely beautiful, and the message attached was EXACTLY what I needed to hear today, in this moment. Highly recommend Jackie!"


"I had a wonderful, enlightening experience with Jackie and her gift of seeing me for who I am. I highly recommend getting in touch with her and exploring her services."



Shadow Coaching Review


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