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Client Waiver and Consent

I am hiring Jackie Sharpe ( and allowing her to /or engaging with her to give me feedback on and/or help me improve my life, relationships, spiritual path, via audio recorded readings, written emailed readings, in-person,and/or live video sessions/readings, call(s) and/or through her free and paid courses / webinars / seminars and other media services. 

By purchasing, attending or receiving a personal Reading(s) (Audio Recording / Written Email, Zoom or In Person) Free or Paid Zoom Call, Motivational Speaking Engagement, Seminar / Webinar or Class / coaching / mentoring program or variation(s) of on the website ( or through Jackie Sharpe, I acknowledge and agree to the following:


1. I understand that all readings, intuitive (spiritual) guidance, coaching / mentoring, motivational speaking, class(s), calls and seminar(s), webinar(s) provided by Jackie Sharpe are not, and cannot be used as, substitutes for any type of professional health, medical, or psychological therapy or treatment;

2. I understand that Jackie Sharpe is a writer, intuitive (spiritual) guide / mentor, artist, and coach who seeks to provide encouragement, ideas, and challenges to me, in the form of advice / guidance, which may or may not resonate with me, and which I may choose how I do or do not incorporate into my life;


3. I have requested intuitive, empathic, reading(s) / guidance / coaching / mentoring and/or motivational speaking / seminar(s) / webinar(s), call(s) from Jackie Sharpe of my own free will, I am voluntarily participating, and I am accepting full personal responsibility for my own medical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and bodily well-being;

4. I understand and agree that ALL readings, intuitive (spiritual) guidance / advice, coaching / mentoring, seminar(s), webinar(s), call(s) received with Jackie Sharpe must be considered opinion and for entertainment purposes only, and I acknowledge that some of the following may occur: a) helpful encouragement b) friendly, non-intrusive guidance c) feedback exchanges and learning, and d) entertaining discussions, the truth of which, and the opinions expressed throughout, cannot be verified, guaranteed, validated, or confirmed, except by me and only me;

5. I acknowledge that when I seek advice, guidance, sessions from another human being, it is always my decision to accept it, reject it, or simply consider it;


6. I understand and accept that some types of advice / guidance / opinions are difficult for me to hear and I agree to remain open and forthcoming if anything feels uncomfortable. If I am in a seminar, call, webinar, class I acknowledge I am able to choose to leave it if what I am experiencing is no longer comfortable for me.  

7. In addition to helpful, positive ideas, I understand and accept that some of the information received during my reading(s) session(s), intuitive (spiritual) guidance, coaching / mentoring and speaking event(s), call(s), webinar(s), seminar(s) with Jackie Sharpe might be unpleasant, may evoke painful memories, and could be emotionally difficult for me to receive and process; and I agree that Mrs Sharpe is not legally liable for my response(s) (emotional or physical) to the reading(s) session(s) / intuitive (spiritual) guidance, coaching / mentoring, call (s), webinar(s), seminar(s) event(s) in any way.

8. If I engage in any activity, perform any action, or make any decisions based on the information provided by Jackie Sharpe, I do so at my own risk and take full responsibility and hereby agree not to hold Jackie Sharpe or her affiliates legally liable(in any way)for any actions / decisions made after receiving any personal reading(s) session(s), intuitive (spiritual) guidance, coaching / mentoring or attending any webinar(s), seminar(s), call(s), facilitated by Jackie Sharpe ( or her affiliates.

9. On behalf of myself, my assigns, guardians, and representatives, I agree to never share recorded / written sessions or video/audio from my reading(s) / coaching / mentoring(s). email(s), texting, webinar(s), seminar(s) or call(s)with Jackie Sharpe – at any time, on any social media platforms, and I agree to keep all of my exchanges (including group webinar, calls and seminars) with Jackie Sharpe 100% private and between Jackie and myself;

10. On behalf of myself, my assigns, guardians, and representatives, I release, discharge, waive, and forever relinquish Jackie Sharpe ( and her companies from all known or unknown claims resulting from information that I may or may not receive during my voluntary participation in reading(s), session(s), intuitive (spiritual) guidance, coaching / mentoring(s), webinar(s),seminar(s) call(s), interactions with Jackie Sharpe;

11. I, or my associates, as a result of my reading(s), session(s), intuitive (spiritual) guidance, coaching / mentoring(s), webinar(s), seminar(s), call(s), will not present any claims against, prosecute, sue, or attach liens to Jackie Sharpe ( or her companies and associates. I waive all claims, demands, and compensation from all perceived injuries and losses (physical and emotional) related to my reading(s),  session(s), intuitive (spiritual) guidance, coaching / mentoring(s), webinar(s), seminar(s) and call(s), interaction(s) received.

12. I agree that if I bring a claim for damages against Jackie Sharpe or her companies and associates, as a result of my actions and omissions, I and/or my estate shall indemnify and hold harmless Jackie Sharpe and her companies and associates from any and all claims, actions, or damages;

13. I am not under duress, influence, or coercion, and I am of the understanding that up until the day before the event or prior to booking any session, anything booked or purchased on the website ( is non-refundable and, I understand there is no possibility of receiving a refund. 

14. The sole reason for purchasing one or more reading(s), sessions, intuitive (spiritual) guidance, coaching / mentoring(s), webinar(s), seminar(s), call(s) with Jackie Sharpe is because I genuinely want to engage with Jackie Sharpe for private, personal, selfish reasons, and not at the behest or request of others, or as a hired helper, reviewer, volunteer, or as an employed or contracted agent with ulterior or secret, non-transparent motives. As such, I will keep secret and private all readings,sessions and experiences between myself and Jackie Sharpe and the reading(s)(audio/written), session(s)(In Person or Zoom), group session(s), webinar(s), seminar(s), or call(s) I willingly book and participate in;


15. I have checked the Consent & Waiver box (when booking an In Person or Zoom Reading) and filled out the Waiver and Consent form below before booking / receiving any reading (audio/written), call(s), session(s), coaching / mentoring(s), seminar(s), webinar(s), event(s) hosted by Mrs Sharpe, and I voluntarily and knowingly agree to this Consent & Waiver wholeheartedly and without reservation.

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