Be one with who you are

Be one with who you are, life is too short to people please.

I find myself using that sentence in various media within my work. It is interesting as I move along on my path just how often I have succumbed to people pleasing tendencies and the belief that I must "put up" with something in order to keep the peace in my physical reality.

I have done my share of healing and introspection with much more to do in my lifetime and yet I find myself at every turn contemplating how my truth will affect another.

How my personal truth may make them feel.....

Will this make them uncomfortable?

Will they reject me if I speak my truth?

These are feelings I experience regularly on my journey and yet in the end of my introspection I am always pondering my overall feeling in this energy. I can feel myself losing touch with my personal truths the more I seek to move in alignment with another's truth so that I will not feel shunned or judged.

I lose myself by the second when I choose to focus my attention upon whether or not this other person will accept my truth. My truth suddenly becomes unimportant as I focus on what the other person would think if I spoke my truth, I allow my voice to have no power, I do not validate my own feeling and I most certainly do not honour my own personal truth.

It is interesting as now in my journey I collect my words before I speak them so that I allow my thoughts to flow through me when I am finally ready to release what it is that I have found out about my own personal truths, which are always subject to change as I change and move closer and closer into alignment with my highest good.


Before I would not be able to keep a thought in my mind that was anything other than the perceived negative reaction I felt others would experience upon me speaking my own truths. I would allow this narrative to become my narrative. I would embody the thoughts of another and allow their opinion, or rather what I perceived their opinion to be, as the be all end all in my truths.

They will not like it, it will trigger them so I can not speak my truth.

This was how I felt in this energy. Like I simply could not speak what it was I was feeling because it would upset another in my presence and that is just "bad". The more I have grown and done the shadow work for myself, the more I have experienced a trigger in another person's personal truths the more I realised that it has nothing to do with their truth and much more to do with how this truth makes me feel.

If someone expresses how they feel, we don't have the right to tell them that isn't true.

It is true for them.

If someone expresses how they feel, we don't have to argue that they shouldn't feel this way or tell them that we understand, because they are allowed to feel how they are feeling and we can not possibly understand the emotions of another as they experience it.

Our feelings are valid all of them.

Whatever it is we are experiencing in the matter our feelings are valid.

Our feelings causing another person to feel a certain way is not our fault.

Such a powerful concept. Your personal truths are yours and yours alone.

We do not need to suppress our emotions to make others comfortable. We need to feel our emotions and move forward in our experiences for the betterment of all. We can not grow if we do not allow ourselves to be ourselves.

We do not have to sacrifice so much of ourselves to be of service to others, we must first allow ourselves to be of service to ourselves. Not to the detriment of others or ourselves, but rather just be.

It is so interesting as we navigate the energy and usher in a new paradigm. Things are changing, people are shifting and we are learning that there are no demons other than the ones that we create for ourselves in this reality and we absolutely always have the ability to speak our personal truths without feeling rejected by ourselves.


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