It has been awhile since I have written anything about my journey. I have two small children a blooming group of amazing people, a house to maintain, businesses to maintain and here I am longing to do what gives me joy, to write.

So here it is.

I have been reflecting a lot lately. Reflecting on the past and future. How can I set myself up for success? How can I make the life I want quickly?

I wanted my manifestations to come to fruition right away, no waiting, no investigating no nothing, just waking up tomorrow and boom there is it.

As we know the universe always has other plans for us.

I am very in tune with my emotions, as well as the emotions of those around me and the clients I read for. Often I feel like I have so much but it is never enough.

I have investigated this further and it turns out this longing for "enough" is my own shadow of not feeling exactly that, enough.

I want to do all the things, manifest a new reality, and basically work myself into a burn out to feel like I am enough. I tackled worth, I tackled shame and now it would seem I need to tackle enough.

I often tell my clients they are enough, and I truly mean it, we are all enough in this world. But this was never sinking in for my own beliefs.

I tend to overwork, I neglect my selfcare, I often work so hard running a business, taking care of my kids, the house and our animals that I am burned out by the end of the day.

Working with my clients lights me up and I love it. Getting outside with my kids on a beautiful day, writing, creating, connecting with my community, and recording my podcast bring me the most emmense joy.

These things light me up.

But is it enough?

Why don't I feel like it is enough?

I went through stages in my life where despite my best efforts I couln't please everyone...... It wasn't enough. This translates into my adult life as not feeling enough. Never feeling like I am doing enough. If I am not reaching "enough" people that I am failing.

The truth is that is untrue.

I am reaching who I need to reach through lighting myself up and planting the seed in others.

And yet.....

It still does not feel like enough.


So I say to myself and all of you, today and everyday.

You are Enough

You efforts are not being overlooked by the universe.

You are planting seeds of change

You are Enough.

Thank you for reading <3

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