Forward Movement

So, we have done the shadow work regarding a situation and we have uncovered and began the process of unlearning subconscious programming and are ready to move forward.

Why is it so hard?

When we get thrown into shadow work it feels heavy and dark and like we are never going to be able to move forward in this energy. I have found that even while I am doing the shadow work and allowing myself to feel these heavy emotions, I am still in the energy of clinging to them. I find myself hyper focused on examining a perceived flaw and while introspection is certainly a part of the journey too much introspection is often what put me in this pattern in the first place.

So, I digress.

I move back into alignment with what what it was that I was desiring to feel through something small that I had been overlooking for a very long time in my journey.

You see when I started my shadow work journey I was completely enamoured with the process. I wanted to dive into all the darkness and seek to truly understand all of the depths of my reality I had been rejecting and ignoring. I wanted to know exactly why I was experiencing the things that I was experiencing and I wanted to be able to choose differently for myself.

I was seeking the personal power that came with owning my own shit and moving forward in alignment with what it was that I desired through accessing what it was that I did not desire and that in itself is a challenge. As you know if you read my blog feeling these heavy emotions can be incredibly painful and feel like the weight of the world in on your shoulders. But in these moments we get to choose what we give life to in our reality and here is the game changer that I learned along my shadow work journey.

If we do not celebrate the small victories along the journey, we are staying in the cycle.

If we do not stop and look at the progress that we have made within our inner work journey then we are not flowing with the universal current and we are still stuck in resistance.

Interesting notion that I had been ignoring along my journey. We seek to be in movement, we want our energy to flow yet we are so used to the idea of creating resistance in our physical realities that we block the very thing that we desire.

How do we align with movement?

We allow ourselves to feel.

We celebrate all the victories on our journey fore life is hard, and we don't need to dwell in the negative energies for too long. We don't have to stay in resistance for too long. We often choose to because it is the only thing we know, but that is also the journey.

To come back to ourselves and move in alignment with our soul.

When we do the shadow work, we must always take the time to celebrate every victory along the way. We must never resist the urge to celebrate ourselves and our accomplishments fore none are "too small" for celebration.

If you got up today after a week of couch lock, celebrate!

If you worked incredibly hard to get that job and you got it, celebrate!

If you examined a trigger and chose differently for yourself, celebrate!

If you got in a meditation today which shifted your energy for a moment. celebrate that shit!

The more we suppress and ignore the beauty in our lives the more we feed the shadows that plague us. In order to achieve balance and move forward we must take the time to let the light shine through. We must take the time to celebrate our accomplishments, all ways, always!

Your best is always enough!

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