• Jackie Sharpe

Let Go

Wow, are you feeling that?

The energy of this full moon in Aquarius has many of us closing old doors that no longer serve us and welcoming in things that are new and exciting but way out of our comfort zone. We as a collective are breaking generational curses as a generation watches. We are no longer entwined in this beliefs of those before us and we are choosing equality, unconditional love and compassion.

It is truly a beautiful time to be alive. But with that comes that darkness that is shedding in the collective. As we break these generational curses are are setting ourselves up for success while watching the old way of being crumble. What a thing to be alive for.

As we usher in large groups of awakened souls onto this planet we are seeing abundant change in the way we think about ourselves and others. We are seeing our mistakes as lessons, the projection of others as it is, and that hierarchy that is being lead by fear crumble.

How is this lesson impacting your life?

What have you thought about in these past few weeks?

I know my thoughts have been scattered with anything from breaking generational curses to gratitude for the lessons before me, to just feeling this collective yuck we are all experiencing right now.

Our world is changing by the day, there are many souls in need as we go along this unprecedented time of mass awakenings on this planet. If you have been awakened for awhile you are most likely feeling these collective shifts hard. That shadow work link is what we are experiencing right now.

When we awaken we are presented with all our deepest darkest shadows and made to bring them to the light. This is not an easy time to be awake in this world. If you are experiencing ascension symptoms or are a seasoned light worker feeling the collective funk as we delved deep into shadow work over the next few months brace yourself. Self care is of utmost priority as we go down this path the universe is taking us over the next few months / years.

Things are shifting. If you feel it be kind to yourself. Know that you are divinely protected by the universe and all will play out as intended. The universe gives us what we need when we need it most and THAT I have faith in.

Take care, and be kind to yourself.

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