Let's Dive Into The Darkness

I have been considering a few things within my journey into the collective shadow realm over the past few months. I am a medium, I am able to communicate with spirit on the other side, I see things very clearly with my clairvoyance, and the deeper I went into the trenches of the shadows the more I learned about the dynamic of darkness and light not only in the physical reality but the 5th dimensional reality as well.

Our world is governed by our emotions. We create our reality in this world based on how we think, feel, act, our intentions are everything in this reality. As you may have read in my previous blog posts if we are constantly thinking negative things and feeding the negative energetically that is what shows up in our physical reality. If we are thinking positively, abundantly and in the energy of being intentional with our words, thoughts, actions and emotions then that is the energy the universe gives us in return. That is how we individually create our realities.

Collectively is based on how many of the people in the world are feeding which side. Are they feeding the shadows, or are they feeding the light? Is the energy balanced? Or does it lean more towards the negative polarity?

There is darkness in all light and there is light in all darkness, it is about balancing the energies to be in the best position to flow freely with the universe, but when the collective in our consciousness on earth is in the polarity of the shadows it shows up in our reality. Our reality becomes more about survival, then it does about thriving.

This balance, or imbalance of polarities in this existence is so interesting to me, here's why.

We have all the power in the world to change the trajectory of our lives individually and collectively based on what we give our energy and attention to. If we are constantly feeding energy that makes us feel fear, judgement and lack then that is the energy that is winning in our reality. Every time we feed our fear, we are feeding the shadows or darkness of the universe. That isn't to say we should not experience fear, BUT we should not let it control or in some cases run our lives.

Shadows are about balance. Here's the thing, shadows never go away, they simply get easier the more aware you become of them, the more you accept them. Then when something shows up down the road in your life you can look back on the situation and say yep, I know where this came from I am going to work on this and you are the one who gets to make that decision. You are the only one who knows what is best for you. We are all spiritual beings living the human experience. Allow yourself to experience all that you wish to experience in this life, intend to live your best life and stay the frequency.

Shadows have a funny way of sneaking up on us when we least expect it, especially when we are experiencing shifts within the universal energies. Hold your frequency, allow yourself to feel the energy without feeding them. Sit with it and let it pass. Oftentimes we beat ourselves up over our emotions which in turn feeds into the darker energies. Instead take the time to allow yourself to work through it, if you are uncomfortable with sitting with the heavy emotions you are experiencing reach out to someone you trust, to speak these heavy emotions without judgement.

That is a crucial part of our healing. Finding our soul family who is there for us, who allows us to unload these heavy emotions without judgement, without advice (unless asked), without shame, without making us doubt our emotions or invalidating them. People who we can be our authentic selves with in the most amazing way. In the end that is what the shadows require of us, yep I said it, our shadows in this realm and the others just want to be seen, honoured, accepted and unconditionally loved in perfect balance with the light.

Balance is key to healing the shadows.

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