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What people are saying about our services and products!

"If you've had the pleasure of having a friend, or person in your life that just gets you, they understand your emotions and feel what you need, and aren't afraid to say it, that's what my reading from Jackie felt like. Like walking into a friends house after a heavy day and having them draw out all the parts of your soul that need to be seen in order to truly begin to unravel and take another step towards finding peace in your skin. Thank you Jackie, for holding up a mirror I can see into, an not through."


 - Julie L

"Jackie has made a significant impact on my life since I first crossed paths with her here on the internet probably a year ago now, and ever since she has been an integral part of my path. I know I can come to her with any of my questions or even just to vent! I've had mini readings that always resonate and help me in the moment, and after my first hour reading for guidance I feel that I have a fantastic grasp on what I should do next. The relief after talking to Jackie is what keeps me coming back, she always has the message I need which almost immediately calms my anxiety  having her on my side to help sort out life's most confusing messages has been a total game changer and I am eternally grateful for the messages I receive through her!"


- Rebecca H

"Always honest no matter what, I love that you see through all the fluff and tell it how it is. Although some things I may not wish to hear it is because I already know it to be true and sometimes bringing it to light right in my face is exactly what I need!"


- Lynnsie H

"I consider Jackie to be a very dear friend of mine, I've always known she is a genuine soul but during this positive transformation she has coached and provided me with some excellent advice and resources. If you feel lost or confused, this woman can and will help you to realize your true potential and guide you along the way. I highly recommend contacting her if you're in need of support or some help understanding yourself and your past and what brought you to this stage of life.

Thank you for your support Jackie, you are truly one of a kind"


- Genevieve B

"Jackie is incredible!!!  She did a canvas piece for me and it is absolutely amazing!  It is just gorgeous, shadow scars and all!!!  

I loved the reading she provided as well, it really resonated deeply with me.  She explained to me all about my colours and what they meant, she told me the feelings and messages she recieved while working on my piece.  She was able to pick out past shadows I had, and helped me to understand how to keep balanced now that I've gotten this far.  

On top of all this, Jackie did a video chat with me!  It was wonderful!  She is caring, and a very open and inviting person to speak with.  It was so refreshing to talk to her and delve right into the soul and shadows!  She was extremely relatable, and it was so nice to share our stories and see how similar shadows can be among people.  It's so nice to feel comfortable embracing me as a whole person, both the light and the shadows!  

I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in how their auras present, and how to identify and work with their shadows!  Jackie is amazing!!!" 


- Erin F

Image by Fuu J

Danielle H

So. I open the deck to check it out, I read about the beautiful author, proceed to read about hot to use the amazing deck, I shuffle the deck and I'm fumbling, piled of cards are dropping and I'm starting to feel a little defeated.  I shuffle again. Cards hit  my arm and I assumed I fumbled again so I place them back on the top of the deck as I glance at them, not realising at the time there was only 2 cards and I go to shuffle one last time when just as I go to shuffle those two cards flew off the deck and landed face up on the table in front of me , Those were my cards! Not only did  I begin to read them, each card individually, and as a pair, I read the circumstances of how the cards came to be as a sign to never give up, it's right in front of my face!  Thank you Jackie Sharpe for no only an amazing deck so beautifully illustrated, but the energy to face once's shadows.  Thank you for creating, Thank you for being you, and as you say imperfectly perfectly you.

Image by Rene Böhmer

Tawny S

As a reader myself I struggle to find readers who can take me deeper then I go myself but Jackie's unique style of reading did just that haha! I had an amazing reading that affirmed my shadow work and how much I've grown! The messages showed me where I was still struggling and where there was room to expand while hinting with humour at some of my great experiences as of late.  This is a very empowering style of a reading that truly helps one reflect and grow with empowered truth.

Image by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova

Samantha M

I had a wonderful inner child / session on sunday with Jackie and I just wanted to say WOW!.  I was able to confirm a lot of things I've been trying to process these last few months when we spoke. She shared the shadows with me I needed to work on to release myself from the cycle I have been stuck in pretty much my entire life. We even made a plan of action to move forward towards healing towards the end of the session.  Her energy is just so wonderful and healing I feel truly blessed to have her in my life!  If you haven't had one of theses I highly recommend!!!!!! 10/10

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