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Kate J

I got some happy mail! Jackie’s new deck arrived and I am beyond excited! 


I have used it twice now and each reading has provided me with so much insight to my current situation I have been able to gain a lot of clarity and understanding as I guide myself through each reading with these lovely cards and the incredible art work and powerful messages. It feels good to get down to the knitty gritty of what shadows are hiding behind the scenes so that you are able to work through them, ask yourself those hard questions and shine your light 


Similar to her first deck, but you can definitely feel the deep love and magical power behind this deck! It’s intense! 

Always trust your intuition 

Shonalee T

The Shadow and Light Oracle deck is one of the best decks I have ever put my hands on! Hands down! The energy that poured out of the cards upon receiving them filled my heart! This deck is by far one of the easiest decks to intuitively read from. It has prompts as well as you can ask yes or no questions and depending in the card that comes out for that answer will be what the message on top of the yes or no is whether it's something to move through and work on or what's stopping you! Not only does it get into the knitty gritty of what shadows are it provides light as well as dark! This deck is one of the main decks I use and rarely does 1 card ever come out! This deck likes to talk and help you or who you are reading for move through life a little bit easier!

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Char H

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your deck... the moment I touched it, I felt connected (and my first shuffle a card popped out - I put it back and then dammit ... guess which card I pulled lol) I literally took the deck for a walk with me yesterday at my favourite park...

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Stacey M

I have had a few readings from Jackie and I also have a couple of her art pieces! Jackie is very intuitive and gives very accurate and loving reads! You truly get a sense that she cares about you and wants to help you be the best you and heal your past trauma. She is direct and insightful! Jackie is also a very talented artist, I absolutely love the oracle deck she created! 

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Image by Fuu J

Danielle H

So. I open the deck to check it out, I read about the beautiful author, proceed to read about hot to use the amazing deck, I shuffle the deck and I'm fumbling, piled of cards are dropping and I'm starting to feel a little defeated.  I shuffle again. Cards hit  my arm and I assumed I fumbled again so I place them back on the top of the deck as I glance at them, not realising at the time there was only 2 cards and I go to shuffle one last time when just as I go to shuffle those two cards flew off the deck and landed face up on the table in front of me , Those were my cards! Not only did  I begin to read them, each card individually, and as a pair, I read the circumstances of how the cards came to be as a sign to never give up, it's right in front of my face!  Thank you Jackie Sharpe for no only an amazing deck so beautifully illustrated, but the energy to face once's shadows.  Thank you for creating, Thank you for being you, and as you say imperfectly perfectly you.

Image by Rene Böhmer

Tawny S

As a reader myself I struggle to find readers who can take me deeper then I go myself but Jackie's unique style of reading did just that haha! I had an amazing reading that affirmed my shadow work and how much I've grown! The messages showed me where I was still struggling and where there was room to expand while hinting with humour at some of my great experiences as of late.  This is a very empowering style of a reading that truly helps one reflect and grow with empowered truth.

Image by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova

Samantha M

I had a wonderful inner child / session on sunday with Jackie and I just wanted to say WOW!.  I was able to confirm a lot of things I've been trying to process these last few months when we spoke. She shared the shadows with me I needed to work on to release myself from the cycle I have been stuck in pretty much my entire life. We even made a plan of action to move forward towards healing towards the end of the session.  Her energy is just so wonderful and healing I feel truly blessed to have her in my life!  If you haven't had one of theses I highly recommend!!!!!! 10/10