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Jackie Sharpe

Intuitive, Radical Self Accountability Coach, Imperfect Artist, Self Transformation Guide,

 Podcast Co-Host and More


Introducing Jackie, the Multifaceted Maven!

With a plethora of skills and a heart full of compassion, Jackie excels in a wide range of endeavors. As a Writer, she weaves words into captivating stories. She embraces her Imperfect Artist nature, infusing her creations with raw authenticity. As a Spiritual Guide, she illuminates the path to deeper self-awareness. Additionally, as a Radical Self-Accountability Coach, Jackie empowers others to take charge of their lives.

Jackie's intuition is her guiding light, allowing her to serve as a Shadow Oracle, helping individuals embark on their transformative journey through shadow work. By dismantling the narratives we've constructed for survival, Jackie uncovers the essential elements needed to thrive.

Through one-on-one intuitive and spiritual guidance sessions, as well as transformative workshops, Jackie aids individuals in breaking free from overthinking and storytelling, guiding them back to the realm of the heart—the realm of emotions and genuine connection.

But Jackie's talents extend beyond the realm of guidance. She crafts exquisite crystal jewellery, clay art jewellery, and enchanting trinkets. Her intention bracelets radiate transformative energy, and her oracle decks provide insight and guidance for seekers.

As a certified CCF Life Coach Practitioner, Jackie combines her coaching expertise with her intuition, unveiling the hidden truths lying just beneath the surface of your energy.


By giving voice to your soul and providing profound visibility, she ensures that you are truly seen and heard.

Shadow work can be challenging, but remember, you don't have to walk this path alone. With Jackie by your side, you'll discover the strength within yourself to embrace the journey and emerge empowered.

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