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Jackie Sharpe

Intuitive, Medium, Imperfect Artist, Self Transformation Guide, Podcast Co-Host and More


Jackie of all trades! 


She is a Writer, Imperfect Artist, Spiritual Guide, Medium, Intuitive, Shadow Oracle, and much more, ready to assist others on their shadow work journey. Jackie aims to help empower the collective through accessing deeper spiritual truths by piercing through the stories we have told ourselves to survive, and accessing all we need to thrive!


Jackie uses her unique knowledge of the unseen to help others get out of their minds (overthinking, story telling) and back into their hearts (feelings).  


She does this through one on one medium / spiritual guidance readings and workshops!


She also creates beautiful crystal jewellery, clay art jewellery / trinkets, intention bracelets, spell kits, and SO much more!



Jackie is a CCF Certified Life Coach Practitioner and she mixes her Coach Practitioner knowledge with her intuition to bring awareness to what is hidden just below the surface, showing up in your energy, through accessing the truths hidden beneath the stories you may be telling yourself, giving your soul a voice, and being seen / heard on a much deeper level.



Shadow Work is hard, you don't have to do it alone.

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